Star of Life


Non Emergency Calls Only:

Harmony EMS is a non-profit, multi-jurisdictional ambulance service that covers an area of over 200 square miles.  We provide 24 hour emergency and non-emergency ambulance service to the residents of 10 boroughs and townships across two counties within our service area.  Wheelchair van service is available to all of our residents.  We provide stand-bys for public events for the schools, healthcare facilities, businesses, and community groups within our service area.  We actively provide mutual aid for surrounding services.

Harmony EMS has a long-standing commitment to providing service, prioritizing patient care, and pursuing excellence.  We offer career opportunities for paramedics, EMTs, wheelchair van drivers, and business office staff.  Volunteers are a welcomed addition to any crew. We are a recognized precepting site for the community colleges in both Butler and Allegheny counties.  We are accredited by the PA DOH as a continuing education sponsor.  As an expression of our ongoing concern for outreach, education and public safety, Harmony EMS provides First Aid and CPR classes for community groups, healthcare and childcare workers, Scout troops, and police and fire departments.